The Mystic Celt

The Mystic Celt restaurant is about as locally-based as a restaurant menu can get. All ingredients are sourced locally within a 50 mile radius. All vegetables come from An Tairseach Eco Centre and other local growers. All crab and lobster come from local fishermen and the restaurant uses only use Irish beef.

It’s the dream of proprietors Paul and Sylvia Smith. The description of their restaurant on their website, could easily be the official motto of Strictly Wicklow too:

Recently we have developed a new awareness of the dishes of our ancestors and the confidence to recreate and enrich our native culinary tradition. A new Irish food culture is growing, driven by the lavish bounties of our seas, lakes and the rich land of Erin. Our menu is a celebration of the rich, ancient food culture of a uniquely beautiful land. This is our tribute to the country of our birth, a land where we are privileged to live.