Frequently Asked Questions

What’s It All About?

We want to make eating local food easy. We also believe everyone visiting or living in Wicklow should know about the fantastic local food on their doorstep. So we created Strictly Wicklow, a guide to Wicklow food producers, markets, and wild food.

Our Mission

  1. Link together Wicklow food producers with hungry locals and foodie tourists.
  2. Promote Wicklow as a food destination nationally and internationally.
  3. Show that eating local does not mean expense, inconvenience, or snobbery.

How Can I Get Involved?

1. Browse Our Local Food Database
We list great Wicklow food producers, growers, chefs, and merchants in all their glory. We show how easy it is to get in touch with them. Then all we ask is for you to try their delicious grub. Simple, eh?
2. Take the Strictly Wicklow Challenge
A diet with a twist: challenge yourself to prepare and eat one meal per week made only from Wicklow-sourced food. It’s harder than it looks. All ingredients must have been grown, caught, killed, or made in the Garden County.
3. Tweet Till the Cows Come Home
You know the score – post, comment, tweet, retweet – basically we want you to tell the world how wonderful Wicklow food is. We make it easy with our funky Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

I Have A Favourite Cafe/Shop/Suggestions/Criticism For You

It’s a new site. We’re eejits. Sometimes things go wrong. Other times, we’ve missed an obvious business.

So if you think anything is missing, doesn’t make sense or could be improved, please let us know »

Who’s Behind Strictly Wicklow?

Strictly Wicklow is a project of Derry Nairn, a web designer and writer from Ashford who is also a bit of a foodie and a Wicklow obsessive. He created and runs Strictly Wicklow in his spare time. He lives in Newtownmountkennedy.

Strictly Wicklow isn’t funded by any outside source – yet. Derry does all the research, design, and admin stuff, after long days, slogging away at the office (he works here).

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